Following is a list of some of our inventions:

o CRESS, the Consistent Regular English Writing System, carefully engineeried to advance literacy and lift severe disadvantages and costs from SSSS, English’s Senseless Spelling Sabotaging Society. Implemented AI converter to transliterate between CRESS and SSSS.

o Early (1980) subject-specific citation indexing on the PC, as a production capacity for print publications extending the work of Eugene Garfield.  (BiblioVect Guide to English and Theoretical Syntax).


o Early (1983) hypertext outlining functionality for the PC, in anticipation of pervasive outline expansion in computer products and general adoption of the hypertext presentation model.  (Questext)


o Early (1985) natural language help system to support word processors on the PC.  (Silent Partner)


o Early (1985) information extraction and file organizer for the IBM PC (names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.) (Word Processing Toolkit)


o Early (1988) hypertext user interface driven by cyclic loading of markup files, in anticipation of the HTTP protocol and the web browser user interface model.  (Access System for Kurzweil Applied Technology suite of voice recognition programs.


o Early (1990) natural language functionality in the background, i.e. multitasking for a terminate-stay-resident dictionary compatible with major word processors, before the advent of multitasking in the PC operating systems.  (American Heritage Dictionary for DOS)


o Speech on the Internet Inventions at BBN/GTE/Verizon.  Patented.


o Helpfulness voting (1996) on user reviews and contributions, as later adopted pervasively on the Internet.  (


o Continuous Improvement Voice Recognition Business Model (2001): laboratory and suite of APIs to allow a product development group to incorporate voice functionality through a single interface, while underlying engines evolve and compete over time.


o Natural language topic identification, frequent question clustering, and other technologies now used by PartnerServe,




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