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Automatic Analysis of Customer Comments


For  Market Researchers:


Our software automatic discovers and tracks issues in all kinds of customer messages.  We now have demonstrations available for political opinion research, customer comments, frequently asked questions, and focus group transcriptions.


PartnerServe IssueFinder automatically analyzes text and discovers issues in customer-worded messages that have not been previously classified.


Automatic analysis of open-ended, customer-worded comments is an important addition to traditional research techniques which rely on multiple choice questions.


The messages can come from web pages, email, open-ended survey questions, or transcriptions of oral interviews.  Our patent-pending methods discover topics automatically and compile statistical information.  Simple executive dashboards show clear trends and summaries.


We offer this service to market research professionals who seek new business from their clients based on striking new possibilities.  Low pricing opens new revenue opportunities in a comfortable, low-risk manner.




If you manually analyze open ended responses you can now significantly reduce your costs while increasing your customer insight.  Don’t miss this chance to gain a competitive advantage.


Since we analyze feedback in the customer’s own words, you hear it as customers conceptualize it.



Automatic analysis of customer feedback from web pages, email, focus group transcripts, or other sources.

Penetrate the thoughts of the customer at a glance.

Increased executive instinct for the customer in 20 minutes per week.

Uncover advantages your competitors can’t see.

How it works:

You collect feedback in the customer’s own words, from web pages, email or any other source.

Our executive dashboards show you concise summaries and trends automatically.

You just “Listen with Your Eyes” to develop your “Instinct for the Customer”

Don’t miss the chance to gain a competitive advantage:

o Request a FREE trial for Fortune 1000 companies

o Market Research consultants receive large discounts when reselling to their clients

o Lock in low limited time offer pricing

o Form an exclusive partnership with us before your competitors do

o Our service is backed by our guarantee of your satisfaction


Freely expressed customer feedback acquires new value with the invention of the PartnerServe discovery engine, now patent pending.


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