The Value Logic



  • What is it? – What is the core idea?

Customers say what is on their mind.  Software organizes their thoughts.

  • The problem it solves for the organization using it.

Customer surveys do not uncover many important customer needs.  Just ask them.

  • Benefits to be expected.

Management develops an accurate instinct for the customer and creates competitive advantage.

Issues are automatically identified and objective measurements of quality are created for all levels

of the organization.  You can measure anything that affects the customer.

  • What the organization needs to do to use it.

Aggressively ask customers what they want.  Allow them to express themselves in their own way.

Create a  monthly data feed in any desired form.  Allocate a few minutes each month to understand

your customers:  view the Feedback Dashboard from your computer.  Plan meetings to address the

issues that will be identified.

  • Benefits relative to a specific business value chain

Customers describe needs.  Executives identify solutions, creating increased value for products.

Executives enhance their own value to the organization by increasing their instinct for the customer.

  • Benefits for planning, management and leadership

Issues emerge that would not otherwise become apparent.  These are invisible to the competition.

  • Avoiding new problems that might arise

Divisions and departments should not be held immediately accountable since the issues have not

previously been visible.  Feedback is a call to action, not a call to blame.

  • Why it is hot? Why it is magic?

Patent pending technology organizes rough customer thoughts into issues and measurements automatically.

  • Who needs to participate to achieve success?

IT and marketing need to assure customers constantly vent their feelings in their own words.  Management

needs to watch the Feedback Dashboard each month and create action items for the organization.

  • Planning how to objectively measure success.

Management can create new sales targets, and the Feedback Dashboard monitors customer sentiment en route.

  • Factors critical for success: process, participation, funding

Success depends on effective collection of customer feedback.  If a department or division does not collect

user thoughts and act on them there will be no bottom-line benefit.



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