The Basic Advantage



The Basic Advantage – A Competitive Difference


  • What is unique? – What is our competitive advantage?

We don’t rely on surveys,  questionnaires, or multiple choice, which assume knowledge in advance  how the customer is thinking.  We let the user give “Top of Mind Feedback”.  Customers use their own wording!  Our patent pending natural language software does the analysis and provides clear analysis, without predisposing  the customer to fit into  narrow preconceptions.  If you can frame all of your questions in  a survey, your mind is not completely open.


  • What is the advantage to you?

You quickly develop an instinct for your customer that your competitors don’t have. There are  reasons why a product does not achieve 100% customer acceptance or 100% market share.  If you simply ask customers what they are thinking you can soon understand the hidden limitations that explain current limitations, and the potential for increased customer retention or new customer acquisition. Our competitive advantage gives you a competitive advantage.




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