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The Profit Offer — A Value Proposition


The Seven Step Plan for Increasing Profits in Your Company


1 Collect Comments.  If you don’t already collect comments, set up simple suggestion boxes so customers (or employees) can report “Top of Mind” experiences in their own words.  No surveys or questionnaires are necessary.  Users report what they  think when they think it in their own words.

2 Automatically Analyze.  Our software automatically summarizes user experience so you can understand it at a glance.  Executive dashboards appear in your web browser to clearly show you feedback issues and trends.

3 Watch the Dashboards.  See customer pleasure and displeasure as it happens. Develop an intuitive feel for the personality of your products and customer service.   Improve your executive instinct.

4 Be Responsive.  Efficiently respond to feedback by topic, validating the customer experience.

5 Plan for Profits.  Create an action plan based on newly uncovered opportunities.  Prepare for measurable profit gain.

6 Pursue Opportunities.  Carefully adjust your product, service or process designs.  Estimate potential revenue gains as well as cost savings in customer service.  Plan for measurement.

7 Measure Rising Profits.  Refine the changes and put them into production.  Monitor increasing profits.


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