In the world of IT software we utilize  all major platforms, with special emphasis on the Microsoft .Net initiative and the Java enterprise capability.  We use accepted programming languages including C, C++, C#, J#, Perl, and Java.  We adapt to client technology needs that span the range from large legacy systems to smaller entrepreneurial efforts, which may involve PHP and other specialized development tools.  Our experience in system integration allows us to knit diverse components into a seamless end user experience.  We particularly value XML web services, but also specialize in ASP. Net and COM object development, enterprise Java Beans, and other object architectures.


We see value both in commercial software and open source offerings.


We have many linguistic technologies already packaged for use in client contracts, saving each of our customers large investments in primary development.  Here is a partial list of linguistic technologies we offer.


A large variety of dictionaries, specialized word lists, and lexical filters


Part-of-speech Tagging


Word Form Stem Normalization


Natural language parsing


Conceptual Information Retrieval


Semantic Grammar Action Systems


Word Sense Disambiguation


Topic Identification


A Wide Range of Bayesian Statistical Algorithms for Linguistic Data




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