Highlights of work by Lawrence (Larry) Smith:

  • Tenured university professor (linguistics) transitioned to technology in mid 30s.
  • Extensive publications and two patents.
  • Inventor of CRESS, the Consistent Regular English Writing System, carefully engineered to advance literacy and lift severe disadvantages and costs from SSSS, English’s Senseless Spelling Sabotaging Society. Implemented AI converter to transliterate between CRESS and SSSS. http://www.disruptenglish.com
  • Sole architect & implementer of first speech recognition over the Internet (via TCP/IP using my client’s advanced recognizer previously developed) in 1996 and received patent for high level architecture later acquired by Google.
  • Invented “helpfulness” UI feature (provisional patent) later adopted by Amazon now widely prevalent.
  • Founder of ConsumerDemocracy.com (6 million users) uncovering pitfall of non point-of-sale consumer review sites (Everyone wants reviews but only 1/1000 readily provide them. Precluded loss of 10s of millions of VC funding experienced in later similar ventures.)
  • Member of team that developed the first commercial large vocabulary speech recognition word processor
  • Wrote grammar of medical radiology reports uncovering potential for speech recognition in medical reporting via enhanced accuracy from dynamic domain switching
  • Invented and implemented a dynamic user interface driven by incoming a data file presaging the modern Inet browser.
  • Reduced the contemporary Labrador dialect of Inuktitut to a phonemic writing system.o
  • Reconstructed a grammatical feature of Inuktitut representing the introduction of a pillar of civilization to North America over 3000 years ago. (Second Person Inverted Number for group solidarity and cohesion)
  • Computerized Database of Labrador Inuttut (CDLI) for machine learning.
  • Reduced the contemporary Labrador dialect of Inuktitut to a phonemic writing system.
  • Government Research Award: Speech & telephony support platform for BBN program awarded the DARPA Communicator 2000 Distinguished Investigator Award for Excellence in Industrial Research
  • Designed and implemented first electronic dictionary for Houghton-Mifflin and won PC Magazine Best Product, Byte Magazine Award of Merit, etc. Built on terminate-stay-resident system programming to provide multitasking before it was available in the PC operating system.
  • Implemented multiple engine speech recognition platform for speech recognition of children in reading and literacy software for leading reading company. Authored article winning AVIOS best paper award and published in conference proceedings.